Origin of olive tree Anatolias' delightfull tastes is now under this brand: ZEYNO

ZEYNO brand olives are produced in the factory of Maroli Gida San. ve Dis Tic. A.S. in AYDIN Umurlu OSB. Our high quality products are processed with care to fulfill the demands of global markets and exported only under our own brand name. Our loyalty to quality makes us a way for exporting to the almost all EU countries, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and UAE that have high quality perceptiveness. We are working eagerly to protect our stability and continuity at the markets that we have already entered.

The best of Edremit, Gemlik, Domat varieties that are known very well all over the world are used in the production of ZEYNO olives. Not only the importance that we give to taste but also hygiene and naturalness leads us to act according to the international quality standards and pay special attention to protect the naturalness of olives in every single phase of the production process from tree to packages. At the end of this sensitive process, ZEYNO olives can be served to the taste of consumers.

Zeyno Olives from Turkey

Black olives

Naturel black olives

Uslu Naturel black olives

Whole ripe black olives (Gülümbe)

Pitted ripe black olives (Gülümbe)

Sliced ripe black olives

Green olives

Whole green olives

Pitted green olives

Sliced green olives

Green olives stuffed with red pepper

Green olives stuffed with garlic

Green olives stuffed with lemon

Grenn olives stuffed with hot chili pepper

Scratched Olives

Scratched green olives

Olive Paste

Green olive paste with red pepper

Black olive paste with hot chili peppers

Grenn olive paste with basil

Olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Pentru sanatatea dumneavoastra folositi produsele naturale de calitale